Hayk Grigoryan, Tehmine Yenokyan

“Green Armenia” NGO


The RA Constitution Article 7 reads: “The national wealth of Republic of Armenia – land, subsoil, air space, water and other natural resources, economic, intellectual, cultural capabilities – is the property of its people.”

According to the official data, 417 mines have been licensed for extraction, 27 of which are metal mines.  45 mines are currently under study, 24 of which are again metal. The Government of Armenia has also issued 3 licenses for geological exploration of oil and gas in 7 regions of Armenia. As a result, we already have 23 operating and conserved tailings dumps filled with about 1 billion tons of tailings, covering an area of 1500 hectares. Environmental pollution from tailings and open mines is in a 1 to 10 ratio, thus tailings have already polluted 15000 hectares. The area of the mines is about 8000 hectares, bringing us to 80000 thousand hectares of contaminated area due to open mines.

To read the full Paper, please follow the link.

This research was implemented within the CSF Armenian National Platform Secretariat support to the ANP Working Groups’ activities.

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