PANDEMICS։ HOW TO DEFEAT CORONAVIRUS is a story of a day in a family.

“HaySanta” (“Hye Dzmer Pap”) Charitable Foundation is pleased to present the animation film PANDEMICS։ HOW TO DEFEAT CORONAVIRUS, the second issue of animated film project called SAFE LIFE TIPS.

Coronavirus is raging in the city, but life goes on according to the norms accepted during an epidemic․ The father and the daughter go to work and school respectively, the mother who is a doctor is on duty at hospital, the grandparents are self-isolated. They all follow the rules, and the coronavirus recedes.

The video itself was shot in the conditions of an epidemic, within the framework of the short opportunities dictated by the state of emergency. The pre-planned feature version has been replaced with an animated dimmer.

The animation was produced under the auspices of the CSF Armenian National Platform Secretariat Program “Aid to the ANP Working Groups”, with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

… SAFE LIFE TIPS is a series of social videos (PSA – public service announcement) in the field of Civil Defense. The series will be shot taking into account their potential distribution in EU countries; the chosen format (minimal or absence of verbal component, “universal” information toolkit, accessible to all) will ensure a widespread dissemination of CD knowledge not only in Armenia but also abroad.

Disasters do not recognize political borders․ The humanitarian commitment to resist them is also limitless. SAFE LIFE TIPS will

• create a comprehensive, easy-to-understand didactic means on disasters and emergencies, using innovative media format (ultra-short, informative, humorous animations),
• spread the culture of disaster prevention, preparation and response to disasters both among local and international audience,
• assist in the development of natural and man-made disaster management capabilities,
• help reduce the impact of disasters on environmental and public health,
• expand the cooperation between the countries of EAP in improving the database of disaster knowledge.

You can watch the first issue of the film series, ALARM, at the following link:

For Armenian please follow the link

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