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CSF Armenian National Platform Assembly held in Yerevan

On February 19, 2020 at BW Congress Hotel the EaP CSF Armenian National Platform Delegates’ Assembly was held with 77 attendees.

Out of the 46 delegates to the current CSF Assembly 42 were present, hence there was quorum.

The Assembly was moderated by Lousineh Hakobyan, CSF Armenia Country Facilitator, President of “Europe in Law Association” NGO.

The following questions were on the agenda:

1.Presentation of the procedure of the CSF Elections

  • Elections of independent observers of the Elections
  • Formation of the Elections counting commission
  1. Short presentations of the applicants
  2. Elections
  3. Preliminary summary of the Elections results

ANP Secretariat Managing Director Heriknaz Harutyunyan presented the new procedure of the election of CSF Armenian delegates aligned with the CSF Statute, noting that all the applicants had been invited to participate in the event regardless of their affiliation with the ANP. Afterwards the two independent observers and 5 members of the elections commission were selected by the attendees.

Prior to the voting, all the applicants to become 2020-2021 CSF delegates were provided an opportunity to present shortly their organizations and activities.

Following the presentations, the counting commission started preparations for the process of elections. The voters’ list was approved, all the ballots were signed by the elections commission members. The voters received the sealed ballots and cast their vote privately.

The voting was over at 17.30 and the commission started the vote counting process, which finished at 21.30. The commission members and the observers filled in and signed the elections checklist and protocol and the voters’ list, which was also sealed by the ANP Secretariat. No one challenged the procedure and results of the voting.

The shortlist prepared based on the results of the voting was sent to the CSF Secretariat in Brussels. After a combination with the voting results of the EU Delegation to Armenia and the CSF WG Coordinators, the final list of the selected delegates will be approved by the European Commission.

Parliamentary Hearing on the RA-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement

Source: EUD in Armenia Facebook page


The Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement – CEPA – is the legal basis of EU-Armenia relations. It offers ample opportunities to expand cooperation in all sectors for the benefit of the citizens.

On February 26, 2020, the EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin co-chaired a hearing on CEPA Implementation at the RA National Assembly, along with Chair of the Standing Committee on European Integration Arman Yeghoyan. The session featured interventions by the RA Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan, Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan, Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Avet Adonts, Deputy Minister of Justice Kristinne Grigoryan and Deputy Minister of Economy Varos Simonyan, among others. Stock was taken of the CEPA Implementation Roadmap in areas such as justice reform, police reform, human rights, youth, gender equality and tackling hate speech, education environmental, economic and trade policy. Civil society and other participants had the opportunity to ask questions.

The representatives of the CSF Armenian National Platform participated in the hearing, delivered speeches, question and answer took place between the speakers and the participants.

For the video stream of the session, follow the link

For CSF Armenia Country Facilitator Lousineh Hakobyan’s speech, follow the link

Photos: Facebook page of the EU Delegation to Armenia

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