Issue 299

CSF Armenian National Platform General Assembly held in Yerevan

On January 29, 2020 at Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Yerevan CSF Armenian National Platform General Assembly was held, which was attended by 59 representatives of the ANP member CSOs. Out of the 46 CSF Armenian delegates’ general assembly members, 32 were present at the event, hence there was quorum.

The Assembly was moderated by Lousineh Hakobyan, EaP CSF Armenia Country Facilitator, President of Europe in Law Association NGO.

The following questions were on the agenda:

  1. discussion of the draft amendments to the ANP Organizational Principles and voting;
  2. separate discussions of the ANP Working Groups aimed at developing projects within the ANP Secretariat re-granting scheme;
  3. wrap-up of the Working Groups’ discussions.

The draft document was presented by CSF Armenia Country Facilitator Lousineh Hakobyan, who highlighted the contribution of the working group formed to that end, which included Mikayel Hovhannisyan, Hovsep Khurshudyan and Movses Aristakesyan. Prior to the Assembly the draft amendments had been disseminated through the ANP mailing list among the ANP members to consult and come up with suggestions.

Some editorial changes were made during the Assembly, and some proposals were left for further discussion.  The draft amendments were put to a vote and were adopted unanimously.

Afterwards, separate discussions of the ANP 5 Working Groups were held. As a result, jointly developed priorities were presented by Abraham Artashesyan (WG1 Coordinator), Tatul Manaseryan (WG2 Coordinator), Amalia Hambartsumyan (WG3 Coordinator), Grigor Yeritsyan (WG4 member) and Ozheni Avetisyan (WG5 member).

CSF Steering Committee member Mikayel Hovhannisyan proposed presenting the developed priorities at the extraordinary session of the RA National Assembly Standing Committee on European Integration to be held on January 30, 2020.

CSF Armenia Country Facilitator Lousineh Hakobyan introduced to the Assembly participants the current developments on the establishment of the EU-Armenia bilateral Civil Society Platform, according to which 4+3+3 format had been selected (4 of which from CSOs, 3 – trade unions and 3 – representatives from employers’ organizations). The format of establishment of the bilateral platform proposed by the ANP was then put to a vote. The 27 members of the delegates’ general assembly present voted unanimously for the proposed version.

ANP Representatives attended the RA NA European Integration Committee Session

On January 20, 2020 representatives of a number of ANP member CSOs participated in the extraordinary session of the RA NA Standing Committee on European Integration. The agenda of the meeting included such questions as Armenia-EU relations, the role of civil society in Armenia-EU cooperation and the implementation of CEPA Roadmap. An agreement was reached to organize a series of meetings between the RA NA Standing Committee on European Integration and the CSOs active in the issues related to CEPA implementation.

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