Issue 297

CSF ANP General Assembly held in Yerevan

On December 25, 2019 CSF Armenian National Platform General Assembly was held, which was the first after the CSF 11th Annual Assembly in Brussels. The event was attended by around 70 representatives of the ANP member CSOs.

The speakers of the Assembly were Lousineh Hakobyan, CSF Armenia Country Facilitator, and Mikayel Hovhannisyan, CSF WG1 Coordinator.

The following questions were on the agenda:

  • The process of establishment of CEPA Civil Society Platform, institutionalization of cooperation with the RA authorities and the EU, regardless of the establishment of the bilateral platform;
  • issues related to projecting expertise exchange within the ANP members and activating the ANP delegates within the Forum;
  • discussion of key areas to focus when applying to the CSF Re-granting scheme;
  • presentation of the draft amendments to the ANP Organizational Principles and their alignment with the CSF Statute;
  • formation to the ANP Ethics Council.

Secret ballot voting was held to the ANP Ethics Council. Most of the votes were received by Anahit Gevorgyan, President of Martuni Women’s Community Council (16) and Ruzanna Torozyan, President of Winnet Armenia (13 votes). It was decided to disseminate the draft amendments to the ANP Organizational Principles prior to the next Assembly, and form a working group for their further development.




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