Issue 292

ANP Executive Body extended meeting held in Yerevan

On September 18, 2019 an extended meeting of the EaP CSF Armenian National Platform Executive Body was held, during which the upcoming activities of the ANP were discussed.

The schedule of the ANP members’ regional visits was prepared. The attendees discussed the main topics of the visits, highlighting the importance of the promotion of the ANP goals and the activation of regional NGOs.

The ANP Executive Body decided to hold an ANP Assembly in the second half of October 2019 with the participation of representatives from the EU Delegation to Armenia, as well as MPs from the RA National Assembly several standing committees.

It was planned to organize in the near future several sectorial discussions with the participation of representatives from relevant state agencies on the following topics:

  • judicial reforms strategy and the Constitutional Court crisis;
  • Amulsar issue and climate change;
  • Law on equality and antidiscrimination
  • social dialogue/ protection of employees’ rights.

CSF Armenia Country Facilitator Lousineh Hakobyan presented her suggestions regarding the implementation of the ANP Secretariat re-granting project, as well as the developments related to the EU-Armenia bilateral civil society platform envisaged by CEPA.

The Executive Body decided to hold its next meeting on September 30, 2019 at the ANP Secretariat office.


“Decreasing Discrimination in the Sphere of Employment”

Conference held in Yerevan

On September 19, 2019 the conference “Decreasing Discrimination in the Sphere of Employment” was held in Yerevan. The event was organized in the frames of “Partnership for Social Inclusive and Gender Equal Employment Policy” Project in partnership with Ukrainian “Bureau of Social and Political Developments”, Georgian “Dialogue of Generations” Research-Intellectual Club and experts from Estonia and Italy․

During the conference “Armavir Development Center” NGO and partner organizations presented the results of their studies conducted in their countries on the discrimination in labor market, its manifestations, reasons, the legislative regulations to fight discrimination and their implementation.

It is noteworthy that the countries, where a study had been conducted on the same issue, had much of a coincidence in their results, despite the geographical and political differences. For example, the discrimination displayed in the labour market is mainly based on gender, age and disability, and the underlying reasons do not differ greatly either. However, the experiences of these countries differ in their legislative regulations, the level of their implementation and the prevalence of the problem.


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