Issue 282

New e-tools developed with EU assistance for better governance


Two new e-tools developed with the EU support to assist better governance in Armenia. provides a quicker response mechanism for complaints raised by citizens, organisations and other stakeholders. helps to send applications, requests or complaints to state agencies and receive online answers.

On 9 February the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski participated in and spoke at the “E-Participation Tools in the Ministry of Justice” presentation event: ‘The main purpose of these activities is to help Armenians benefit in their daily lives; we are moving forward in that regard. For the European Union, this is a very pleasant occasion, as these projects put Armenia at the forefront of the international community in introducing these innovative tools’.

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Steering Committee met in Brussels to set the 2018 agenda and discuss EaP CSF’s place in the new EaP architecture

8 Feb 2018

On 24-25 January, the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum gathered in Brussels to discuss the revised Eastern Partnership architecture. The members brainstormed on the main goals and campaigns for 2018. During this first meeting of the year, Krzysztof Bobinski, Working Group 1 EU Coordinator, and Aleksandra Kalatozishvili, Working Group 4 EaP Coordinator, were elected as the new Co-chairs of the Steering Committee.

Diana Jablonska (DG NEAR) and Nils Jansons (EEAS) discussed with the Steering Committee the EaP CSF engagement in the activities of the EaP Panels and Platforms and other policy processes in 2018. Ms. Jablonska presented the 2020 Deliverables as a clear roadmap for the EaP that is supposed to break institutional divides. On the other hand, Mr. Jansons mentioned the importance of expert representation of the civil society within the EaP architecture. The SC also discussed the work on the edition of the EaP Index with Jeff Lovitt, the Editor-in-Chief of the publication.



Social Innovations for Vocational Education and Employability of Young People with Disabilities (SIVEE)


EU supports programmes in Armenia, such as Social Innovations for Vocational Education and Employability of Young People with Disabilities (SIVEE) dedicated to equipping youth with disabilities with marketable skills that significantly increase the chances to find fulfilling employment.

Facts & Figures about the Project

Duration:  24 months | January 2016 – January 2018

Total Project Budget:        EUR 444,444.00

EU contribution:       € 400 000

Implementing organization : Save the Children International Armenia Representative Office

Location: Aragatsotn, Armavir, Kotayk, Tavush, Syunik and Vayots Dzor provinces and capital Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

I Know I Can

37-year-old Hripsime Poghosyan has had to learn handcraft in secret from a very young age, because her mother was worried about her low vision and hand disability. But now that she sees her daughter’s enthusiasm for art, she has come around. Hripsime goes as far as to call art her life’s calling. When she was offered classes at Armavir State College of Art, she insisted on taking two different courses. Often losing track of time and space because she liked the classes so much, Hripsime found out that she already knew a lot, though often she could not put a name to what she knew. Hripsime could even teach some skills to her fellow students. That’s when she discovered what she wanted to do in the future – teach children with disabilities and in orphanages different forms of handcraft.

Now Hripsime works at the college’s Printing House, a newly-established social enterprise and sometimes as a model during painting classes.

“One day they just approached me and asked me if I’d model for them, because apparently I have very artistic features.” she says.

Though she doesn’t know much about painting, she says it’s next on her to-learn list. Besides collecting many portraits of herself, Hripsime likes to help the college students with their art projects.

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