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Culture and Creativity Prgramme logoEU culture and creativity: top cultural developments in the Eastern Partnership

cultureThe EU-funded Eastern Partnership (EaP) Culture and Creativity Programme has published a list of eleven top arts and culture events organised in the six EaP countries in March. The list covers news ranging from the benefits that Armenia will gain from joining the European Cinema Support Fund of the Council of Europe, to Georgia joining the pan-European cultural network Europa Nostra, to the announcement of the state programme “Belarus Culture” approved by the country’s government for 2016-2020 and comparison of informal education in the UK, France, Estonia and Ukraine.

More details about the arts and culture events highlighted by the programme in its monthly roundup  can be found on its website.

The EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme supports the cultural and creative sectors’ contribution to sustainable humanitarian, social and economic development in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The four year programme will run until 2018 covering topics like cultural leadership, cultural and statistical research, audience development, cultural journalism, advocacy and fundraising. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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Eleven top arts and culture events in EaP region in March 2016

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On Engagement in the Work for Improvement of the Draft Electoral Code of Armenia

March 28, 2016

EU EaP Civil Society Forum Armenian National Platform, which unites more than 200 Armenian civil society organizations, expresses its solidarity with the process aimed at ensuring public engagement in the discussions on the RA new Electoral Code and as a result of the CSF ANP member organizations’ online vote, joins the statement, prepared by a number of NGOs, on its readiness on engagement in the negotiations on discussing draft Electoral Code of the Republic of Armenia in the 4+4+4 format (coalition government, non-ruling political parties and NGOs) presented by political forces (see below).


Responding to the public proposal to conduct negotiations on discussing draft Electoral Code of the Republic of Armenia in the 4+4+4 format (coalition government, non-ruling political parties, NGOs) presented by political forces, the undersigned group of civil society organizations (CSO) informs of its readiness on engagement in the work. The group involves eligible NGOs, experienced in the areas of democracy promotion, human rights protection and oversight of electoral processes, which publicly criticized draft Electoral Code and made constructive recommendations to improve it.

The elected candidates will take the responsibility to act as delegates to CSOs and will promote not only their own but other NGOs’ recommendations that achieved consensus in a multi-interested group, thus ensuring the publicity and feedback of negotiation processes with CSOs.

According to the decision of the interested civil society group 4 main and 2 substitute representatives were proposed in the mentioned format to be engaged in the work for improvement of the draft Electoral Code, attempting to ensure full and effective engagement of CSOs.

By this statement the undersigned group recommends the following representatives in 4+4+4 format for the engagement in the work to improve the draft Electoral Code of Armenia.

Main representatives:

  • Sona Ayvazyan, “Transparency International Anticorruption Center” NGO
  • Levon Barseghyan, “Journalists’ Club “Asparez”” NGO
  • Tigran Yegoryan, “Europe in Law Association” NGO
  • Artak Zeynalyan, “Rule of Right” NGO

Substitute representatives

  • Stepan Danielyan, “Collaboration for Democracy” NGO
  • Daniel Ioannisyan, “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO

We hope that as a result of cooperation in this format the draft Electoral Code will be seriously amended, providing inclusive process and consensus among stakeholders by stipulating effective mechanisms ensuring public trust in the draft.

csf-logoEaP CSF Joins Global Partnership for Social Accountability

Source: EaP CSF website

The EaP CSF has recently become a Global Partner of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability(GPSA) established by the World Bank. The GPSA assists citizens and governments to work together and solve development problems. Building on the World Bank’s direct engagement with governments, as well as a network of Global Partners organizations, the GPSA supports solving problems with strategic and sustained support to CSOs including knowledge, tailored capacity building, government access and funding.

Becoming a Global Partner of the GPSA entails an institutional endorsement of the objectives and strategies of the GPSA, as well as partnering in the implementation of its activities. The Global Partners provide invaluable contributions to the goals of the GPSA by sharing lessons from practical experience, networking, academic and technical knowledge.

european-commission-flagRound Table on the Integration Processes in the Context of RA External and Internal Policies

12980871_10153670855725852_6462015_o (3)On April 5, 2016 Yerevan Press Club with the support of Armenian Branch of Friedrich Ebert Foundation organized a Round Table on the “Integration Processes in the Context of RA External and Internal Policies”. The discussion was attended by representatives of Armenian NGOs and media.

20160405_123611Naira Gevorgyan, Head of the Armenian Branch of Friedrich Ebert Foundation made a welcome speech. Afterwards, Haykak Arshamyan, Yerevan Press Club Project Coordinator made a presentation on the RA integration processes in the context of internal policy, focusing on the positions of political parties on integration policies. The report of political analyst Anush Sedrakyan was devoted to the RA integration processes in the context of external policy. The presentations were followed by a discussion, during which an emphasis was made on the unprecedented escalation of Nagorno Karabakh conflict of the last days.

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