Issue 219


Armenian Delegates for CSF 7th Assembly in Kiev are Announced 

  1. Communities Finance Officers Association (CFOA)
  2. Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly – Vanadzor NGO, Armenia
  3. Eurasia Partnership Foundation
  4. Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development
  5. Public Information and Need of Knowledge (PINK Armenia)
  6. Yerevan Press Club NGO
  7. Protection of rights without borders
  8. Committee to protect freedom of expression
  9. Consumers Consulting Centre
  10. Association for Foreign Investment and Cooperation (AFIC)
  11. Foundation for Small and Medium Businsses
  12. Union of Informed Citizens NGO
  13. Urbanlab Yerevan
  14. “Khazer” environmental-cultural NGO
  15. Ekolur
  16. TRTU Cultural NGO
  17. Union of elderly citizens
  18. “Free citizen” civic initiatives support center
  19. The National Citizens Initiative
  20. Martuni Women’s Community Council
  21. Armavir Development Center
  22. Unison NGO for Support of People with Special Needs


  1. ANP Secretariat
  2. “Shogher” Union
  3. World Vision

Reserve list

  1. Helsinki Committee of Armenia
  2. Small and medium enterprise cooperation association
  3. Center for the Development of Civil Society
  4. “Tatevik” NGO
  5. International center for democratic and electoral processes

european-commission-flagEU steps up support for agriculture and rural development in Armenia


5_131115ARMENIA-Newgardeningtechnology017_thumbThe EU has made a made a payment of €6 million to Armenia, as part of its budget support programme to sustain agricultural and rural development.

The EU is providing financial support of €25 million over three years to Armenia as part of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development – ENPARD.

Agriculture and subsistence farming represent a broad-based opportunity for food security and informal employment in Armenia. Thus, there is a great need for agricultural and rural development through improving agricultural institutions, strengthening the capacity and performance of farmers’ associations and cooperatives, increasing access to affordable food, and supporting the roll-out of a general agricultural census – all areas supported through ENPARD Armenia. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

Read more Press release EU Delegation Armenia

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