Issue 211



On Continuous Political Persecution in Armenia

 April 14, 2015

Armenian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Civil Society Forum (CSF) strictly condemns the new wave of lawless political persecution by the incumbent government which this time targets “Founding Parliament” civic movement. The members of this movement have been systematically attacked by the police and by criminal figures during their peaceful and lawful activities and public events. On April 7, 2015 RA Investigative Committee searched, detained and later arrested members of the Founding Parliament throughout Armenia on the basis of fabricated charges, confiscated their communication devices, computers and documents. These actions were carried out with flagrant violations of the Armenian legislation. Additionally, on April 11 the court granted the motion of the RA Investigative Committee to keep 5 members of the Founding Parliament under arrest for two months.

Justifications of the illegal actions of the law enforcement bodies and court instances, who were bluntly executing the political order of the highest authorities of Armenia, do not stand any criticism; kitchen knives, glass bottles, cigarette packages and soda containers confiscated from the houses of the arrested persons during the search are just ridiculous. The statement of the RA Investigative Committee wherein the arrests are justified with the aim to prevent organization of mass disturbances in the scenes of public events on April 24, is implausible, moreover it violates the presumption of innocence and freedom of assembly.

We assess the actions of the RA Investigative Committee and the National Security Service as another fragrant violation of human rights of the RA citizens.

Herein, we demand from RA authorities to immediately release all the arrested members of the Founding Parliament as well as to bring to justice those who carried out these illegitimate actions.

EaP CSF Armenian National Platform

April 14, 2015



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