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logoIOM hosts conference on managing Readmission Agreements in EaP countries


Readmission Conf 2Officials from EU Member States shared their expertise of managing Readmission Agreements with officials from five Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) during a conference in Tbilisi on 29-30 January, hosted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The conference focuses on issues such as the independent monitoring of the implementation of readmission agreements, safeguarding human rights during return processes, and experiences in managing migrant detention centres.

It also marked the conclusion of the EU-funded project “Supporting the Establishment of Effective Readmission Management in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia”, aimed on comprehensive capacity building activities for state bodies responsible for the management of readmission in these countries.

The EU has a strategic partnership with the IOM, based on a shared interest in bringing the benefits of well-managed international migration to migrants and society. It also serves as a basis for exchange, development and structuring of the relationship between the EU and the IOM. In the Neighbourhood East, common projects include developing effective readmission mechanisms in the South Caucasus and supporting the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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British Council awarded contract for EaP Culture Programme II: Culture Capacity Development Unit


The British Council has been awarded a contract for one of the two components of the second phase of the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Culture Programme – the “Culture Capacity Development Unit”. The other project, “Community-led Urban Strategies in Historic Towns” (COMUS), is implemented by the Council of Europe.

The three-year Eastern Partnership (EaP) Culture Programme II will build on the experience of the EaP Culture Programme I, and aims at further strengthening cultural policies, as well as the capacities of the culture sector and the culture operators in the EaP countries.

Specifically it aims at:

  • Developing and further strengthening cultural and creative industries as vectors of cultural, social and economic development;
  • Creating synergies between public and private actors for a more efficient cultural sector;
  • Enhancing the contribution of civil society to cultural policy development and reform by bridging the gap between state institutions and cultural non-state actors, thus enhancing the role of culture as a driving-force for reform, promotion of inter-cultural dialogue and social cohesion;
  • Strengthening the capabilities of EaP countries to facilitate their participation in international culture cooperation initiatives, including the MEDIA and the Culture strand of the EU Creative Europe programme and UNESCO activities.
  • Enhancing cultural heritage protection at local level. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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