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european-commission-flagNew factsheet dispels myths about Ukrainian crisis, Eastern Partnership and EU-Ukraine Association Agreement


What has the EU offered Ukraine in real support, beyond intentions and promises? Could signature of the Association Agreement lead to immediate economic difficulties? Does it represent a first step towards EU membership for Ukraine?

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You can find answers to these and many more frequently asked questions about the roots of the Ukrainian crisis, ways of de-escalating the situation in the country and the outlook for closer integration with the EU in a new Fact sheet released by the European Commission.

The publication, Frequently asked questions about Ukraine, the EU’s Eastern Partnership and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, offers an in-depth coverage of topics that resonate with society at large, as well as of those that target specific sectors of the economy.

The factsheet features an infographic highlighting economic progress made by Central and East European countries as a result of their integration with the EU.  (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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Fact sheet


european-commission-flagInfographic: in which area would you say Civil Society is active in your country?


Civil SocietyIn which area would you say Civil Society is active in your country? To what extent do you trust Civil Society organizations to represent your interests? We have released a new infographic highlighting the answers to these questions across the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood regions, as posed in a series of opinion polls conducted by the EU Neighbourhood Barometer project.

The surveys were conducted in December 2013-January 2014, in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia in the South, and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine in the East. They are based on around 1,000 interviews in each country.

The infographic is free to download as a high-resolution image.

The EU Neighbourhood Barometer (opinion polling and media monitoring) is part of the EU-funded Regional Communication Programme, and aims at assessing knowledge and perception of the EU Neighbourhood Policy and its cooperation activities and programmes. (EU Neighbourhood Info).

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EU Neighbourhood Info Centre infographic

Press release

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