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east_invest_logoEast Invest: why it makes sense to invest in Armenia


The EU-funded East Invest programme is organizing an investment conference in Yerevan on 01 – 02 October as part of a series of investmentpromotion conferences in the Eastern neighbourhood countries. A press release from East Invest said the event, to be conducted jointly with Armenia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, would highlight “the country’s strategic location to do business with Europe, the CIS, the Middle East and Asia.”

The press release cited Armenia’s “long-standing technology-oriented economy with a focus on high quality products,” as well as “a favourable investment legislation, including a 10-year protection against adverse changes in legislation and free repatriation of profit.” (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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european-commission-flagEuropean Union to open fully its market to Moldovan wines


WineThe European Commission has proposed to fully open the EU’s market to wine imports from Moldova, ahead of the envisaged provisional application of the EU – Moldova Association Agreement/Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA). A press release said this measure would “ease some of the difficulties the country is experiencing with its wine exports to some of its traditional markets.”

 “A fully opened EU market for Moldovan wines in a time when Moldovan farmers are in difficulty, reflects that, beyond being a very successful economic integration project, the EU is also a space of solidarity,” said Dacian Cioloş, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development.

The EU-Moldova Association Agreement is due to be initialled at the forthcoming Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius, and some of its key elements, including the DCFTA, to be provisionally applied soon after the signing of the Agreement.

The DCFTA foresees the full liberalisation, with no restriction of the EU market, for the imports of Moldovan wine, revoking the current regime of Autonomous Trade Preferences (which provide for a quota of 240.000 hl of wine per year).

The European Commission will propose to the Council and the European Parliament to modify the Autonomous Trade Preferences so that the EU imports of Moldovan wines becomes completely liberalised without waiting for the provisional application of the Association Agreement/DCFTA, the press release said.  (EU Neighbourhood Info)

CSF logoUkraine at crossroads on the eve of historical moment: National Platform Statement on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement


ukranian flagIn a statement on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Ukrainian National Platform talks about Ukraine’s historic moment, which can define its future. Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU may be signed in Vilnius at the Eastern Partnership Summit in November.

Recognising its importance, however, ‘we see no prospect of success in Vilnius if several basic steps to overcome selective justice reform legislation on elections and on prosecution are not made ​​in the coming weeks’, the statement says. It calls on ‘the President of Ukraine, the Government of Ukraine and the Parliament of Ukraine to adopt the decision which could testify the most complete understanding of the criteria formulated by the European Union on December 10, 2012.’ At the same time ‘we call on the EU institutions, member-states’ governments to demonstrate strategic wisdom, understanding that the signed Association Agreement will provide EU more positive leverage even with the present shortage of reforms in Ukraine. And it will provide Ukrainian society much greater push for reforms and an occasion for the efforts mobilization than delay of agreement signing till better times,’ continues the statement.

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