Issue 139

CSF logoChisinau Civil Society Forum in focus of the EaP CSF Steering Committee meeting in Kyiv

The EaP CSF Steering Committee (SC) is scheduled to meet on 5-6 September in Kyiv. 14 members of the Committee will discuss the main developments in the National Platforms, Working Groups and subgroups and brainstorm on optimising the work of the Forum throughout the year. The strategy task force of the SC will work on the first sketches of the new strategy of the Forum post-2013 on the 4 of September. The preparations for the Annual Forum on 4-5 October in Chisinau, civil society side event of the EaP Summit in Vilnius, and CSF contribution to the summit will be the main items for the discussions of the Steering Committee.


european-commission-flagCivil society dialogue consultative webpage launched

T informationThis first web-based Civil society dialogue consultative page ( of the EU Delegation was launched. Through this online tool, the EU Delegation aims at providing the civil society actors with the possibility to exchange their views on a number of issues relevant and important for the future development of EU-Armenia relations. The website intends to improve Delegation’s understanding of civil society’s particular interest in different policy aspects and therefore will help conduct more focused consultations.

In order to participate in the consultations, online registration of the organization is required. Since the website is open to the public, any contribution will be submitted in a transparent manner.

The EU Delegation envisages these consultations to have regular basis. Topics range from draft political and operational documents, consultations on ad hoc initiatives and establishment of priorities of programmes that civil society is interested in. Once each consultation is closed, all contributions to individual consultations will be posted on the website.

The EU Delegation believes that in this way a productive and useful record of interaction between the European Union and civil society can be created. The Delegation will ensure this page to be a worthwhile experience for everyone and counts on the mutual cooperation and patience for making this initiative successful.

In order to become a party to the first consultation session, please first register you organization online.

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