Issue 132

CSF logoEuronest Parliamentary Assembly calls on CSF to strengthen dialogue and conduct media trainings


Euronest logoThe Euronest Parliamentary Assembly has called in the resolution of the Political Committee on the CSF to strengthen dialogues and contacts between people across borders and conflict lines. The Committee also recommended that the EaP CSF should initiate media training programmes in order to combat mutual animosity and hate speech as well as to ensure professional journalistic standards when covering inter-ethnic relations.

The Media sub-group of the EaP CSF is currently working on a project called “Media Freedom Watch” which will produce an index of media-freedom in the EaP countries by the Vilnius Summit. This index could serve as a starting point for the recommendations of Euronest.

The full resolution of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is available here.



The Cooperation with INOGATE Program is Continuing

arm InogateOn June 11, the European Energy Community, European INOGATE program and the RA Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources joint seminar took place in Yerevan.

The director-general of the European Energy Community Mr. Yanets Kopache, the deputy director of the Community Mr. Dirk Bushlen, the Technical Secretariat of the INOGATE program Ms. Lemlem Said Issan, the experts of the same program, the officials of the national governments of the RA and the representatives of the  armenian universities, international organizations operating in Armenia and of Armenia’s energy sector key organizations participated in the seminar.

The director-general and the deputy director of the Community introduced the advantages and liabilities of the full member, especially, there was introduced the list of  European Directives, the adoption and implementation of which becomes mandatory in the Republic of Armenia, according to the agreed schedule.

The Armenian side ensured, that will discuss the proposals, and in the case of a positive result, will apply with appropriate format to the European Energy Community Secretariat for the membership.

The constraints and the progress of the involvement of investments in the sustainable development sphere were discussed within the framework of the INOGATE program.

These tasks are continuous and it was decided to discuss them during the seminars of  the INOGATE program.

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