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EU Neighbourhood Barometer to present findings in Brussels


h_01183690 epa copyDo you know what the image of the EU is among citizens of the Neighbourhood partner countries? How do they feel about the life they lead and how much are they aware about EU cooperation activities? The EU Neighbourhood Barometer project, funded in the framework of the Regional Communication Programme, is holding a lunch-time conference to present its findings on Tuesday 9 April at the EuropeAid Info Point in Brussels.

According to a press release announcing the findings of the EU Barometer, citizens in the European Neighbourhood area are generally positive about the relations their country has with the European Union. This opinion is strong in the Southern Neighbourhood, where more than half of those surveyed describe relations as good.

The EU Neighbourhood Barometer, funded under the Regional Communication Programme, conducts opinion polls in the 16 partner countries and territories participating in the European Neighbourhood policy, plus Russia, through bi-annual standard barometers (spring and autumn) and one special barometer per year. The biannual surveys aim to assess the population’s knowledge and perception of the EU, EU Neighbourhood Policy and cooperation activities and programmes.  (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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