Issue 93

Serzh Sargsyan met with the EU Commissioner on Enlargment and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule


President Serzh Sargsyan concluded his working visit to the Kingdom of Belgium by meeting with the EU Commissioner on Enlargment and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule.

The parties spoke about the current level of Armenia-EU relations, fulfillment of the obligations assumed by Armenia in the framework of Eurointegration, current and perspective programs implemented through the assistance of the European Union, including the process of the implmentation of large-scale reforms in Armenia, which, accroding to the President, our country is determined to conduct in accordance with the European standards.

Stefan Fule noted that he was deeply impressed with progress of reformation which Armenia has registered in framework of the Eastern Partnership program.

The President of Armenia and EU Commissioner on Enlargment and European Neighborhood Policy discussed in detail prospects of deepening Armenia-EU cooperation in all areas, including the “More assistance for more reforms” principle which constitutes the base of the new ideology of the EU Eastern Partnership program. It envisages more assistance to those EU partner states which conduct more reforms.

Concluding its working visit to the Kingdom of Beligum, delegation headed by President Serzh Sargsyan has returned to Yerevan.


Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility: procurement notice for €3.5 million project to strengthen non-state actors’ capacity to promote reform and increase accountability in Eastern Partnership countries


The European Commission has published a service procurement notice for a €3.5 million contract for a technical assistance project for strengthening non-State actors’ capacities to promote reform and increase public accountability in the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). The publication reference of the forecast is EuropeAid/132138/C/SER/Multi.

According to the procurement notice, the main objectives of the technical assistance will be the following:

  • to carry out mapping studies, identifying as well as analysing civil society actors’ needs and capacities to get involved in policy dialogue in each Eastern Partnership country, and the way in which these actors can contribute to specific sector policy dialogues;
  • based on the analysis carried out during the first stage of the project, to implement capacity-building activities (training, seminars, workshops, exchange of good practices, ad hoc support, etc.) for civil society actors, so as to enhance their capacities and their role in promoting reform and increasing public accountability in ENP policy areas;
  • to ensure monitoring, evaluation (including providing training on evaluation tools and measuring the selected projects’ progress and impact), guidance, technical support and visibility of the projects selected through the civil society facility regional call for proposals;
  • to organise or coordinate the organisation of multi-stakeholder consultations at national and regional level involving civil society actors, national authorities and EU Delegations so as to facilitate their participation in (selected) sector policy dialogues between the EU and partner countries and in implementation of relevant bilateral projects and programmes;
  • to ensure the visibility of the facility itself, and more generally of EU efforts towards support to civil society in ENP countries, through publications on EU support to civil society actors, a website and information sessions.

The involvement of non-state actors in the implementation of the technical assistance is crucial and consortia will have to include at least one non-state actor from each of the 6 ENP East partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine).

The deadline for receipt of applications is 11 April 2012.

The provisional start date of the 36-month contract is 15 July 2012.

The maximum budget for the contract, funded under the ENPI special measure for a Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility, is €3.5 million. (ENPI Info Centre)

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