Issue 90

Three agreements with PACE

February 16, 2012

Armenia will start negotiations over the facilitation of entrance visas and reception agreements with the European Union on February 27. This will facilitate the entrance to European Union-member countries for several groups, as was stated at the National Assembly.

Chairperson of the National Assembly’s standing committee on European integration Naira Zohrabyan today had a meting with Special Representative for the Eastern Partnership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ambassador Klaas Fan Der Tempel.

Zohrabyan presented the negotiations over the Armenia-EU Associated Agreement and mentioned that they were rather active.

The guests were interested in several issues related to the upcoming parliamentary elections, particularly on how the political parties were preparing for the elections and what expectations they had from the international observatory missions.

Zohrabyan provided the guests with comprehensive information about the preparatory stage for the upcoming parliamentary elections and attached importance to the activities of the OSCE and PACE long-term missions.

Zohrabyan mentioned tha tArmenia already had a preliminary agreement with the PACE according to which the observatory mission will be presented with the questions and concerns of al political parties participating in the elections and which issue the international observers should especially focus on. Klaas Fan Der Tempel attached importance to that, mentioning that he would do everything possible to make sureArmeniareceives many long-term observers and that all the concerns that the political forces mention are taken into account, reports the NA press service.


Forecast for €4 million TRACECA project – transport dialogue and networks interoperability


The European Commission has published a forecast for a € 4 million service contract for the ENPI — TRACECA — transport dialogue and networks interoperability II project for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan; Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. The publication reference of the forecast is EuropeAid/132457/C/SER/MULTI.

According to the forecast, the overall objective of this technical assistance project is to help improve the connection between the trans-European transport network and the EU’s Eastern Neighbours and Central Asian countries, with special emphasis on improving coordination with IFIs and participation of the private sector in transport projects.

 The project will aim to

 help develop and agree Traceca regional investment plans for transport infrastructure;

  • strengthen the political and transport dialogue mechanisms between the European Commission, Traceca partner countries, other project stakeholders and IFIs;
  • support the implementation of the IGC (Intergovernmental Commission) long-term strategy until 2015 and related action plans, through assistance to the Traceca Permanent Secretariat and partner countries in the development of the transport corridor and links to the EU trans-European networks;
  • adapt the regulatory framework with a specific focus on sector reforms.

 The maximum budget for the contract is €4 million.

The project will build on the work of the first Transport dialogue and networks interoperability project, which runs from 2009-2012. (ENPI Info Centre)

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