Issue 64

Local publication for call for tenders (09/08/2011)

European Neighborhood Policy Instrument

Publication reference: EuropeAid/131659/C/SER/AM 

European Commission is seeking applications from service providers for a call for tender with financial assistance from the ENPI 2008. The procurement notice is available for consultation at:

EU Delegation to Armenia
21 Frik Street
0002 Yerevan

And on the following internet site:
– Delegation of the European Union to Armenia

– EuropeAid website:

The questions should be sent to the following email address:

The deadline for receipt of applications is 12/09/2011 at 17:00 local Armenian time.


Why the pro-governmental organizations were left out of the Eastern Partnership?

2011-07-29 14:14 / TUT.BY


Among the 24 non-governmental organizations of Belarus, selected for the participation in the 3rd Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership to be held in Poznan, no pro-governmental organizations were selected for the first time. Why did this happen?

The forum in Poznan will take place on November 28-30, 2011 and will be the 3rd annual event in the frames of the civil society component of the “Eastern Partnership” program of the EU.

According to the tradition 6 months before the forum each of the six participant countries of the initiative (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus) should have selected the organizations to be represented at the meeting. Moreover, according to the statute not more than the 60% of the organizations presented at the last year’s forum are allowed to attend each subsequent Civil Society Forum.

This year seventy-eight Belarusian organizations had expressed an interest to attend the forum in Poznan. Besides the independent unions, civil initiatives and the think tanks, there have been applications from such pro-governmental organizations as the Writers’ Union of Belarus, Journalists’ Union of Belarus, Federation of the Trade-unions of Belarus, as well as a number of trade union branches. 

On July 5 a conference of non-governmental organizations of Belarus was held in Minsk. The conference participants voted and recommended a list of thirty-one NGOs for participation in the 3rd Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership to be held in Poznan. Along with the independent CSO’s, the list includes the Federation of Trade-unions of Belarus and four trade-union branches of the organization.

The final decision on the list of participants of the 3rd forum was made on July 14-16 in Brussels at the meeting of the Steering Committee of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership.

According to its results, Belarus and Armenia are represented by 24 organizations; Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan have 23 organizations in their lists. Another 89 seats are available for the delegates from EU member states and participants from third countries.

It’s significant that for the first time in three years there are no pro-governmental organizations among the Belarusian delegates.

While commenting on the selection results, Vlad Velichko, the co-chair of the Steering Committee of the Civil Society Forum, the head of the International Consortium “EuroBelarus”, has clarified that the final decision on Forum participants was made based on three recommendation lists.

“The first list was presented by National Platform, the second one by the coordinators of working groups from the six countries and the third one by the European Commission. The participants were selected as a result of a combination of all the three lists. The overwelming majority of selected organizations were presented in at least two out of three lists, – stated Velichko. – For example, in the list of the National Platform there was a great majority of pro-governmental trade-unions, but they weren’t selected as they were not recommended by the coordinators of relevant working groups and the European Commission”. 

TUT.BY didn’t manage to get a comment from the representatives of the pro-government organizations which didn’t pass the “Brussels dropout”.


President of Poland in the National Assembly

 On July 28 the RA NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan met with the delegation headed by Bronisław Komorowski, President of the Republic of Poland, who was in Armenia on an official visit. The Chairmen of the Parliamentary Standing Committees and the Heads of factions were present at the meeting.

Welcoming the guests, the NA Speaker noted that the friendly relations and the cooperation between the Armenians and the Poles had a history of centuries, which created good foundations for the comprehensive development of nowadays interstate relations. Hovik Abrahamyan documented with satisfaction that Armenian-Polish interstate relations were of regular nature, especially during recent one and a half years and highly appreciated the dynamics of political dialogue between the two countries. 

The Head of the Parliament considered necessary the development of interparliamentary ties mentioning that Armenia-Poland parliamentary friendship group was functioning in the National Assembly. In his word the cooperation in this sphere is not limited to only bilateral format, but is extended over the cooperation frameworks between the EU with Armenia, the interaction between the delegations of the two countries in the international parliamentary structures, the newly established EURONEST parliamentary dimension including.

The Speaker of the National Assembly noted that the Eastern Partnership opened a new perspective for Armenia and our country in the head of its president is consistent in its commitment to deepen the political dialogue and the gradual economic integration with the EU. In his word, the negotiations over the Association agreements are running successfully, endeavors are in place in the direction of creating free and comprehensive trade zone. This all is aimed not only at strengthening the cooperation between Armenia and the EU, but also promoting the effective continuation of reforms in our country.       

In this context the NA Speaker highlighted the summit of the Heads of the Eastern Partnership member states to be held in Poland on September 30, during which a joint declaration was anticipated to be adopted. Hovik Abrahamyan has stated that it is important for Armenia that this document is counterbalanced; in particular, it refers to the formulations of conflict settlements. According to his convictions the upcoming summit will become an impetus for the fulfillment of the goals set by the Eastern Partnership and is also a good opportunity to reconfirm on high level the political commitment of the participant states to the Eastern Partnership and democratic reforms. Hovik Abrahamyan has expressed his concern on the occasion of Azerbaijani non-constructive behaviour, as that country refuses to participate in the comprehensive programs of the Eastern Partnership, where Armenia is engaged. Thus, the key ideas of the EP: regional cooperation is being compromised. The NA Speaker has expressed conviction that during the presidency of Poland there will be progress documented in the relations between the Eastern Neighbours. Hovik Abrahamyan emphasized that Armenian authorities with the head of the President will proceed the democratic reforms in the country.      

The president of Poland has noted that is very glad to be in the RA National Assembly also for the reason that he has been a deputy for 20 years and before being elected president he has occupied the office of Speaker of the Parliament. In his word, parliaments are the heart of democracy, where political debates take place and important decisions for the country are adopted. Stating that the friendly relations between the Armenian and the Polish peoples have a history of centuries, Bronisław Komorowski highly appreciated the cooperation level between the two countries, highlighting in this context interparliamentary cooperation. The Polish President emphasized that as EU presiding country Poland is willing to support Armenia and share its experience of the European integration process, stating that his country is interested in Armenia ’s success in this direction. “We are in the same boat,” said Bronisław Komorowski.

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