Issue 57


Eastern Dimension of Mobility

On 6-7 July 2011, in Copernicus Science Centre (, Warsaw by the initiative of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Sports and Tourism, European Commission Eastern Dimension of Mobility conference will be held.

The overall number of participants is 300, among them 180 will come from the Eastern Partnership countries, 120 will come from the EU countries.

The main aim of this meeting is to reinforce mobility flows in education, youth, research and culture between the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries.

One of the most important purposes of the meeting is to have a comprehensive presentation of the existing opportunities to support mobility, both through the EU programs as well as through new initiatives. The presentation of good practices will also take place during the conference. The debates on future possibilities will contribute to the general debate on the shape of the new generation of EU programmes in the New Financial Perspective 2014-2020. The idea behind the conference is to listen to the EaP countries’ expectations.

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