Issue 54

President Jerzy Buzek on a three day official visit to the South Caucasus

 From the Press realise of the EU Delegation to Armenia

Yerevan, 17 May 2011

The President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek will be in Yerevan on Wednesday, Tbilisi on Thursday and Baku on Friday for an official visit to the South Caucasus. President Buzek will meet the political leaders in all three countries: Presidents and Speakers of Parliaments.

During his visit President Buzek will also meet with opposition leaders, journalists and representatives of civil society.

Ahead of the visit President Buzek said: “Advancing democracy, embracing human rights, fostering the rule of law, strengthening stability and increasing prosperity is the task for the partnership of all; the European Union and its Eastern partners.

We have created the Eastern Partnership to eliminate any remaining dividing lines. It is a genuine attempt to break through the last existing walls, to enable cooperation between our peoples.  By being closer to our neighbours we are stronger together on the global stage. My message for this visit is about engagement, looking for mutually beneficial solutions, enlarging and strengthening the area of security and stability on the European continent, our common home.

During my visit to the region I will also discuss with the leaders the possibilities of peaceful resolution of the frozen conflicts which for too many years have been pulling down the development of the area and cooperation between the countries of the region. I intend to also raise the issue of energy security, which is one of the priorities of my mandate. “

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